A large field with a barn and house in the distance. Rooster's Watch Sign.

Reliability, Commitment, and Integrity are the standards RCI was named and built upon on April 1st, 1975. Today, the word ‘quality’ is synonymous with the attitude “yeah, right” and many people accept inferior products and workmanship as normal. We strongly disagree and established a business with the primary goal of satisfying our customers, by working to the standards on which RCI was founded.

Reliability, if you are not satisfied with our performance or a mistake is made, we will take care of it, no double talk, no excuses.

Commitment to keeping up with today’s constantly changing technology, by continually educating ourselves and researching methods to deliver the best quality product more efficiently.

Integrity is upheld by exceeding the standards we have set for ourselves and fulfilling the final objective of satisfying our customer.

© Photo by Frank Iacona Photography